Any commercially available laminate (Formica, Polyrey etc.) can be produced as curved panels. All finishes, including high gloss and anti-bacterial coatings, can be supplied.

  • Ideal for curved column surrounds, curved ceiling and wall panels, furniture components etc
  • Convex and concave radii from 75mm upwards
  • Panel lengths up to 3m (sometimes greater)
  • PVA adhesive as standard
  • Specialist waterproof, formaldehyde-free and heat-resistant adhesives

  • Laminate edge
    Laminate curved panels can be finished with a coordinating laminate edge for a seamless finish.

    Timber Lipped
    Where edges will be subject to impact or required to support fixings timber edges can be applied pre or post lamination.

    • Timber edges up to 40mm can be mitred or butted
    • Tinted or over veneered to coordinate with the panel face
    • Spa Multilayer technique can be used to create a solid edge from veneer
    • Pre-lipped or exposed post-lipped panels