For clients with specific panel size requirements Spa Sheets & Panels offers a full range of cores and finishing options, cut to your specifications and size parameters.
Spa’s custom-built automated pressing line and three daylight presses enable Spa to produce high-quality panels, which offer exceptional value for customers. Typically we offer a 3 to 4 day lead-time with more than 100 veneers in stock at any time.

  • All available cores including lightweight, fire resistant and moisture resistant, exterior grade MDF, plywood, blockboard and Aeropanel
  • Core thickness ranging from 2mm to 95mm
  • PVA adhesive as standard
  • Specialist waterproof, formaldehyde-free and heat-resistant adhesives
  • Hand selected veneer
  • Pre-agreed veneers parameters/specification
  • Book-matched, side-matched, mis-matched
  • Burrs, inlays, marquetry

Ideal for furniture production, fitted furniture projects and panelled rooms; Spa’s matched sets are hand-manufactured in our specialist daylight presses to exacting specifications under the watchful eye of experienced operatives. Veneers can be book-matched, centred or aligned according to your specifications. Grain can be horizontal or vertical to ensure a perfect match/ alignment.

Veneered panels, including tinted or coloured panels, can be finished with matching veneered edges.

Where edges will be subject to impact or required to support fixings, timber edges can be applied pre or post lipped (over veneered if required).

  • Timber edges up to 40mm can be mitred or butted.
  • Tinted or over veneered to match seamlessly with the panel face.